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Amazing realism, artificial plant wall, imitation fern will let you create a wilderness atmosphere. Its green appearance will bring a trace of joy indoors and outdoors.

The board of the plant wall is made of complete clips. They can be assembled from one plate to another and can be fixed to the support with drill collars (clamping rings).

Tropical grassland artificial vegetation wall can be traced back to dense quaternary vegetation from a natural point of view because of its rich flower details. Its exquisite composition at the cocktail party under the green background will bring relief effect to the space.

The exotic vegetal wall consists of a cocktail of lush, thick leaves and ivy. Perfect for creating a spring atmosphere, 1m x 1m exotic will decorate indoor and outdoor walls or walls. Its density and concealment will be an effective breakwater.

Technical data sheet

1M*1 M

One side

± 3KGkg/m2

± 40mm thick

ISO standards

UV protection warranty for 5 years

Mounted on plastic support

Embedded fastener

photo 1x1M Series No. photo 1x1M Series No. photo 1x1M Series No. photo 1x1M Series No.
ASM01 ASM01  ASM05 ASM05  ASM09 ASM09  ASM013 ASM013
 ASM02 ASM02  ASM06 ASM06  ASM010 ASM010  ASM014 ASM014
 ASM03 ASM03  ASM07 ASM07  ASM011 ASM011  ASM015 ASM015
 ASM04 ASM04  ASM08 ASM08  ASM012 ASM012  ASM016 ASM016
 ASM017 ASM017  ASM018 ASM018  NSM-01 NSM-01    

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