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High-density corn texture wear-resistant non-slip surface layer, with good folding resistance, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet function, and strong friction.
The honeycomb-shaped high elasticity bottomlayer design can perform shock absorption, energy storage and energy recovery in multiple dimensions. Good grip, friction and drainage, which perfectly interprets pursuit of harmony with performance and the environment

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Two types are available: harder (impact absorption 35%-38%) or softer (impact absorption 38%-42%), respectively suitable for competition and training venues


20.5M 1.22M 13MM 13KGS/M2 1.22M 0.7M



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The surface layer and the bottom layer are the same material, which is a pure natural rubber coil product with high density, high elasticity and an exclusive patented formula.

The physical and sports properties such as impact absorption, wear and skid resistance, adhesion, weather resistance and technical stability is better than the existing international standards. Unique anti-pollution self-cleaning technology.

The perfect performance design of running track, will enhance the human speed to an unprecedented level.


Olympic Games, Intercontinental Games, Track and field sports, National Games and training venues


Item Test Methods Unit Requirements Result
Slip Resistance EN14877:2013 - Tensile strength (MPa± 0.02)≥0.40 0.81
Elongation @ break( % ± 5)≥40 197
Force Reduction EN14877:2013 % SA25-SA34 34
IAAF % 35-50 38
Vertical Deformation EN14877:2013 mm ≤3mm 1.3
IAAF mm 0.6-2.5 1.8
Force Reduction after weathering EN14877:2013 % SA25-SA34 44
Wet Friction IAAF - ≥47BPN20℃ 48.6
Tensile strength EN14877:2013 Mpa >0.4 0.86
IAAF Mpa >0.5 0.72
Elongation at break EN14877:2013 % ≥40 492
IAAF % ≥40 333
Resistance towear EN14877:2013 loss in grams ≤4.0 2.02
Colour change EN14877:2013 - 3 No Change
Fire resistance GB/T36246-2018 Degree 1 1

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