Colorful turf

Short Description:

Model no rainbow grass Colour temperature 4Dynamic Colors
Application Garden Decorative yarn count 10000dtex
Yarn height 30mm machine gauge 3/8 inch
Type without sand Artificial lawn foundation gravel base
texture of wood PE backing pp+net cloth

Product Detail

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Product Type

Applied for sports Grass and Multipurpose sports field.
Bright and rainbow colors are loved by children, widely used in schools, playgrounds and runways
Basically no maintenance, beautiful, colorful throughout the year.

Commercial Artificial Grass

Products/ brand Non-infill sports artificial grass/ synthetic sports grass/
Description Muti-sports artificial grass/ football training artificial grass
Material PE Monofilament+ PP Curl varn
Dtex 13500/ 16800
Height 25mm/ 30mm
Row pitch 5/8” or 3/4”
Density / m2 9500/ 10500
Backing UV resistance PP + mesh
Glue SBR latex
Color Fruit green, dark green, withered yellow
Applications Football, rugby, baseball, Cage football field, training venue
colorful turf (3)

Product Advantages

1. Minimal maintenance, No watering, No cutting, No fertilising

2. Cost saving in the long term

3. Drought proof

4. Time saving

5. Artificial grass lawn is produced according to the principle of bionics. This kind of lawn is omni-directional, hard, smooth, non-concave, with high safety factor, which is conducive to fair competition, so that the activities of users are not much different from those of natural grass, with good flexibility and comfortable feet

6. The artificial grass is made by using the principle of bionics, which has no directionality and hardness

7. Durable and not easy to fade, especially suitable for courtyards, balconies, corridors, schools, golf courses and various sports and leisure places

8. Practicality: Generally, it can guarantee a service life of more than 8 years

9. Free maintenance: basically 0 maintenance cost, easy to clean and maintain

10. Convenient construction, paving asphalt, cement, gravel and other fields

Quality Control

Turf Intl have professional laboratory is the foundation for building a professional, health and good lawn. Turf Intl lawn is without heavy metal, with 100% Polyethylene yarn system, soft to touch, flexible and tends to Natural perfection, excellent UV-stability and environmentally friendly. Exceptionally durable, 8 and above years warranty.


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