What Are The Benefits Of Rubber Gym Floors?

Rubber gym floors offer a long list of benefits when compared to other sports flooring solutions. Some of the most significant advantages of rubber gym floors include:

● Superior and Consistent Performance — Rubber gym floors are a preferred choice of many professional teams.  They provide exceptional and consistent performance in all critical aspects, including ball rebound, vertical deformation, and shock absorption.

● Healthy — Rubber gym floors are made from natural, recyclable materials.  They have very low VOC emissions and are allergy and asthma-friendly.  This ensures healthier indoor air quality.
● Easy to Maintain — Rubber gym floors are much easier to maintain than hardwood floors.  This reduces the need for cleaning services and products and helps save on maintenance costs.
● High Tolerance to Moisture — Unlike hardwood, which is very sensitive to indoor moisture changes, rubber floors have much higher moisture tolerance. 

Post time: Sep-27-2021