Why choose TURF INTL synthetic grass?

For many customers do not know how to choose their own courtyard lawn configuration, we can give you simple sharing and suggestions. Lawn configuration must be based on their own actual situation.

Many people don’t know how to choose when facing the variety of lawn. If your budget is limited or you don’t have long-term time and energy to take care of your yard, synthetic lawn is the most suitable choice

Relatively speaking, the labor cost and expense cost of natural lawn maintenance are much higher than that of synthetic lawn, not only need to be managed on time, but also need to be weeded, and the later maintenance cost is much higher than that of synthetic lawn. Therefore, compared with natural turf, one of the advantages of synthetic grass is its low maintenance cost

With natural grass, you need to consider mowing, watering, and fertilizing on a regular basis, if the weather is too-hot or too cold, additional care is required. Once installed, synthetic grass requires very little upkeep.

It’s economical. Say goodbye to owning a costly lawnmower or paying a crew to maintain your yard! Eliminate the cost of maintaining a sprinkler system and the expense of a pricey water bill!

Environmentally friendly. TURF INTL offers materials that are environmentally friendly. Our infill products are safe and non-toxic to both people the environment. Your lawn family members, or pet to toxic chemicals.

Never pull weeds again. We also eliminate the need for weed removal through the use of weed fabric designed to block weeds from creeping through your synthetic grass. You can forget about the pulling weed ever again.

Save money on water. Not only does artificial lawn grass help air quality by eliminating gardening equipment, it also saves a ton of water. A typical natural turf lawn requires 55 gallons of water per square foot per year, which equals 44,000 gallons of water for an 800 square foot yar


Post time: Jul-01-2021