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Brand TURF INTL Height 35mm
Row Spacing 3/8 inch Grade International Class
Filaments Twist Number 12000dtex Occasion for Landscaping, for Recreation, for Sport, Golf Putting Green
Yarn Shape Monofilament Yarn Form Straight Cut
Yarn Length Short Cross Profile Spine Shape
Pile Content 12000dtex Yarn Content U.V Resistance PP Curly Yarn
Yarn Height 35mm Machine Gauge 3/8 inch
Stitch/M2 160 Tufts/Sqm 16800 Density
Backing 2PP Cloth+PU Glue Size 2m*25m&4m*25m
Specification 4m*25m or 2m*25m, customized Transport Package Plastic Cloth for Each Packing, Packing with Rolls
HS Code 5703300000 Origin China

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No matter what the weather is outside, Turf Intl pets’ artificial grass can keep your pet away from dust and dirt.

No muddy claws mean there is no mud in the house. No more digging in the yard, dust everywhere. And also significantly reduce water bills and high maintenance-related costs.

Providing a safe and comfortable environment and enough space for your pets to play and do sports.
Turf Intl artificial lawns will be your pet dog’s favorite. If your pets are already used to the natural feelings of the natural grasses, then artificial turf will be a better choice for you, whose stimulation effects of the visual perception and tactility are quite real. Your animals will never perceive the differences between them. Meanwhile, the artificial lawns are knitted on the plastic ground fiber. The small holes on the ground fiber can ensure to drain the urine and water. If your pet dogs already used to the natural lawns, which are gradually disappearing day by day, you don’t need to worry about that your pet dogs will tear your lawns or their wastes or smells will make your lawns dirty. Artificial lawns have extremely strong penetration, which enables to easily drain any liquid of the pets, like urine, and the pets’ feces, and the urine won’t be left over to breed bacteria, and cause diseases. Artificial lawns are also easy to be cleaned and maintained. The most important thing is that the artificial grasses won’t cause any harm. You don’t need to worry about the slushy stains or paw print, and don’t need to clean for your pet dogs before they come back in the house any more.

You will have a comfortable and tidy house every day. Forever you don't need to worry about cannot let your pet dogs play on the lawns which are exposed to the blazing sun, clumped, muddy and fertilized or on which the grasses are cut. You also don't need to worry about that your pet dogs will damage the lawns.

Commercial Artificial Grass

Products/ brand pets artificial turf /
Description 25mm - 30mm artificial grass
Material PE Monofilament+ PP Curl varn
Dtex 8800/ 9500/ 11000
Height 25 mm/ 30 mm
Row pitch 3/8”
Density / m2 16800/ 21000
Backing UV resistance PP + mesh
Glue SBR latex
Color Fruit green, dark green, withered yellow
Applications Landscape grass, parks, roads, hotels, supermarkets, shopping malls

Product Advantages

1. Save time, save money No watering, No cutting.

2. Weeding is not needed, and labor cost is saved

3. Create a comfortable leisure area with 0 cost and 0 labor.

4. 100% recycled environment friendly

5. When natural grass goes into hibernation, artificial grass can still bring you the feeling of spring.

6. It looks and feels not much different from real grass, but softer than real grass.

7. Children can play happily on the lawn without mud bath. Suitable for dogs and other pets because it is easy to clean and handle.

8. Easy installation and maintenance, saving installation and maintenance costs.

9. The lawn basically needs no maintenance.

1.0 All materials of the ring meet the requirements of environmental protection; The artificial grass surface can be reused.

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