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Main materials: EPDM polymers, calcium carbonates, rubber softening oils, pigments, etc. Application: running track, sports courts, multi-functional area, joggin g track, park, etc. Function: improve field performance and span life, reduce the risk of sports injuries

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1.The most commonly used runway surface material, Aging resistance, UV resistance,Anti-skid wear, in line with the new national standard detection

2. The improved version of EPDM particles, light specific gravity, less dosage, more suitable for runway bottom filling

3. The mainstream artificial lawn filling particles on the market, stable performance, aging resistance and wear resistance, has been recognized by the market

4. The latest research and development of artificial grass filling particles, extruded by the machine, less consumption, no dust

5.Environment-friendly new material processing, can provide comfortable rebound for athletes, reduce fatigue

6. Preferably recycled tire/shoe material scraps are crushed with stable performance and less impurity

RGF (1) RGF (2) RGF (3)

Comparison of tensile strength with different content of EPDM polymer

Unit: Mpa4.3

Test method: test according to the method specified in GB/T 528-2009 standard

Result analysis: EPDM vulcanizates with different rubber content have different tensile strengths. The higher the rubber content, the greater the tensile strength value.

RGF (4)
RGF (5)

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